Getting Some Lunch by Sesa Woruban

Nominated for Best Romance - Other Pairings (Ship)
in the Stargate SG-1 Awards 2003

Author's Notes: Not my usual pairing but, darn it, it's about time that Sam got a good angst-free rogering! And Jonas is so hot he should just get some anyway. Thank you *very* much to Suz for some brilliant betaing. She is my Obi, my Oma and... er... my Oh Dear.



It had been going on for almost a month now since just before the mission to Stevestown and she never would have believed it. Not even if a future self had sent a note through the gate signed in triplicate by the president of the United States of America. But, she was there and, boy was she experiencing it. She was no longer the only one on the whole goddamned planet not getting it. For 3 blissful weeks, she'd been having great, no-strings-attached sex with a member of SG-1.

And Jonas was just amazing in the sack.

She looked back on their first time with awe, amazement and a not-so- small grin on her face.


~~~PART 1~~~

"So, what's for lunch?"

She supposed that, by now, she shouldn't be surprised that the first question was food-related or at the amount that her fellow team member could consume. Where did it all go?

They were sitting in a large park a short walk from her house. It was a sunny afternoon on the first of four days of downtime. Apparently, it was Sam's turn to familiarize Jonas with the big bad world outside the SGC. General Hammond still wasn't happy to see him head out by himself and she thought, with a little inward smirk, that it may have been for the planet's safety rather than Jonas'.

She wasn't quite sure how she'd managed to land the duty *again*. The Colonel was blatantly using and abusing his position finding a bunch of things that he really *had* to do... write reports, read reports, write about reading reports. His excuses had, at least gotten more inventive recently. The latest one had been that he had to attend a pottery competition in Vancouver... she'd been so amazed and confused by that one, she'd just opened and closed her mouth a couple of times and left the room.

Teal'c's reasons tended to be less inventive and more believable. Any free time he got now was spent with his son. Sam had found out the hard way that you couldn't spend enough time with your family.

Besides, she didn't actually mind, Jonas was pretty good company. She didn't have to avoid the science stuff like she did with the Colonel and as much as she'd grown to love Teal'c as a brother, his characteristic stoicism was hard work after a while. Jonas was interested in everything and everyone which, in turn, made him interesting to be around... and he wasn't bad to look at either.

Sam looked at his expectant face and grinned as she placed the large heavy rucksack in front of him. "I thought that you, I mean, we could do with some luxury after weeks of mess food. Why not have a look for yourself?"

She leaned back on her hands, dropped her head back and closed her eyes, content to let Jonas rummage through the bag and find the feast she'd bought. One thing an inability to cook ensured was that you always knew where the best deli in town was.

With her view reduced to a dull red glow from the sun through her eyelids, she became more aware of what her other senses were telling her about her environment. She felt the warm sun on her skin and the cool soil on her fingertips. She could smell the grass together with a gentle flowery aroma mixed with a musky smell that she assumed was Jonas' aftershave. Did they wear aftershave on Kelowna?

Without sight, her hearing became increasingly acute as well and she listened to a plane fly overhead, a dog barking playfully and some children yelling in the distance to her right over who got to go on the swings first. She also found herself paying attention to Jonas' oohs and aahs as he found new and exciting edible items.

As she felt the sensations begin to wash over her, she lay back fully and let her shoulders and back relax into the turf. Her mind started to wander and she found herself thinking of the past few months and the enormous changes she'd faced. She frowned slightly as an overwhelming and familiar feeling of loneliness sank in. However her mind - used to her thoughts heading in this direction - decided that, today, if it was going to go downwards, it was going via the gutter.

She inhaled deeply and sighed as her thoughts moved millions of light- years away to the sunny beach on P969-3X4 they'd discovered 3 years ago. Without realizing it, a grin started to spread across her face as she pictured the waves and the white sand and then the tanned, muscular limbs of the man next to her currently oblivious to her fantasies.

"What are you thinking about? It looks like fun."

Or maybe not so oblivious... damn. Ah well, a partial truth was going to be easier than a blatant lie. "A beautiful beach... complete with semi-naked beautiful men."

"Am I there?"

She couldn't believe he'd asked that, and she was trying to come up with an appropriate answer when she realized the rising heat in her cheeks was answering him anyway.

Knowing her game was up, she risked opening one eye and squinting at him. He quickly looked away from her and busied himself with setting the food up but there was nothing he could do to hide the grin on his face. When he finally looked back up at her, their eyes (the three of them anyway) met and she found herself returning it.

"Caught!" she admitted as she sat up to admire the spread.

Changing the subject seemed a good idea. "Wow, I may not be able to cook but I certainly know how to buy a picnic. Guess I shouldn't have gone shopping when I was hungry, huh."

"I think I'll start with these", he picked up the strawberries and started to work open the plastic container.

"Well, tradition says that you have to eat those while drinking Champagne. Pass me that bottle there."

He handed the chilled bottle to her and they fell into a comfortable silence working on opening their respective packaging.

After a short toast and more idle banter, Sam relaxed back down again with her hands behind her head and her eyes shut, feeling the buzz of the first sips of champagne work its way through her head and body. She could hear Jonas was taking his time to savor every bite.

"Mmm, these strawberries are delicious, here this one's especially good."

She was shocked to feel what he hoped was a strawberry pushing itself against her lips. Inwardly she jumped but she kept her eyes resolutely shut.

"Go on - it's really great." he encouraged.

She opened her mouth and as she closed her lips around the fruit she felt his fingers and an illicit thrill as he pulled them away far too slowly. Good God, was he trying to seduce her? What was she supposed to do now? Her earlier images sprang to mind now completing themselves with an erotic finale. This time she knew that a little smile was creeping onto her face as she chewed and swallowed.

"Are we back at the beach?" he asked, not even bothering to sound innocent.

"Yeah." Just when had her voice dropped two octaves?

"What are we doing?"

"Well, I'm not doing much at all, but you're feeding me strawberries." She sensed him shift closer to her and the red glow beyond her eyelids darkened as he moved into her light.

"What, like this?" He pressed another strawberry to her mouth, and as she opened her mouth, he slowly brushed it around her lips before placing it on her tongue and tracing his fingers over the same path.

She could only manage an inarticulate, "Mmmm" in response. She felt the blood starting to pump all over her body and her pulse quicken right down in her abdomen and beyond.

"And you say that champagne goes with strawberries right?"

"Uh huh." She couldn't believe how erotic this was. He wasn't even touching her but she knew he was right next to her. She forced the tension that was building up inside to the centre of her stomach.

She thought she heard him pick a glass up next to her and she opened her mouth tentatively expecting the cool fizzy liquid. What she wasn't expecting was the cool fizzy liquid to be coming from soft warm lips. She gasped, sat up slightly and ended in up in a coughing fit and finally a set of giggles but somehow managing to keep her eyes closed.

"Oops, sorry." He sounded contrite but she could hear the smile in his voice.

Recovering quickly, she lay back down with her hands by her sides and spoke softly and - she hoped - a little seductively, "No... I... liked it. Do it again."

She found herself gripping the grass as if holding on for her life as this time she felt him place his hand gently on her hip and move towards her. They're lips met again and the alcohol dripped into her mouth until she had it all and she felt his tongue begin to explore. With her eyes still closed, she once again began to use her other senses. Her hands released their hold on the ground and found their way to his arms and slowly up to the back of his neck. Her mouth tasted the sweet mixture of champagne and strawberries as she deepened the kiss, pulling him towards her.

Slowly, he lowered himself onto her before moving his hand further around her body and pulling her with incredible force round and on top of him.

She breathed in sharply, shocked and surprised, and opened her eyes to find herself staring into his, darkened with desire. She'd expected the moment to be broken when she looked at him but instead found herself breathing, "Let's go back to my place."


~~~PART 2~~~

The packing of the food and the walk back to her house was surprisingly comfortable. They moved in purposeful silence but without haste knowing what was going to happen and calmly accepting its inevitability. Things, especially relationships, could and had been so complicated... for both of them. This seemed easy, simple... fun.

When they did talk, it was about subjects they probably wouldn't have touched upon half an hour ago.

"Did you leave anyone behind on Kelowna?"

"Yeah. We were going to be married early next year."

"I'm sorry."

"It's okay. We make choices... make sacrifices."

There was nothing to say to that and they lapsed back into silence buried in their own thoughts.

When they reached her house some of the raw lust had left them. Still, they found comfort in each other playing and touching on her sofa with the weather channel of all things silently viewing their ministrations.

Within an hour, the passion of earlier had returned but with more self-assurance than they had had in the park. Movements were slow and deliberate. When he removed her T-shirt he stopped to caress and massage her arms with his thumbs as he lifted it carefully over her head. When she undid his belt buckle, she took moments to press her mouth to the slight stubble at the top of his neck and to study the silent desire on his face. When she climaxed she grabbed onto his body, feeling the warm smooth flesh under her fingertips and afterwards as they lay wet and spent he held her occasionally shuddering body until she fell asleep.


~~~PART 3~~~

They woke early the next morning as the pale sun forced its way through the gaps in the shutters and onto their bodies. She stretched naked and shameless across his prone and equally bare body. She smiled at him and crawled across his torso to switch the alarm clock off before it started. He stroked her calves and began to work his way up to her thighs. She looked at him attempting an are-you-kidding- I'm-exhausted look. He just waggled his eyebrows at her.

"Lets get some breakfast." She grinned and escaped his clutches to wander into the kitchen in search of sustenance.

She set the coffee-machine going and was getting the eggs and bacon out of the fridge when she felt arms move around her waist, down her stomach and further down to stroke the dark hair to be found there.

She leaned her head back to look up at his jaw. "I thought we were going to have breakfast? What happened to your insatiable appetite?"

"I'm not insatiable enough for you, Sam?"

"Mmm, that's nice."

"What? This?" he moved his hand further down still.

She giggled, "Well, yeah, but I actually meant the way you call me Sam."

He pulled back a little and looked down at her with confusion and curiosity. She continued, "No-one ever just calls me Sam... anymore." she added quietly.

He moved his hands back to her hips and slowly turned her until their naked bodies moulded to each other. He looked down at her upturned face, her eyes clear and in the moment. "Well, Sam", he drawled, "I'm definitely feeling the need for breakfast."

He led her back to the bedroom and the cafetiere boiled itself dry.



"So, what's for lunch?"

She turned her head to look at him and raised her eyebrows.

He just responded with a smirk.

It was late afternoon on the last day of their downtime and they'd been enjoying breakfast, lunch and dinner the entire break. She smiled at him before turning back to watch the ceiling fan make its lazy circuit, her mind reviewing the past 72 hours.

If she'd possibly been able to see the events of the past few days in advance she would have felt the need to prepare a speech. She would have wanted to discuss how they shouldn't let it get weird on the base. But, here and now, having shared her body and mind so completely with this man, she knew it wasn't necessary.

Then, in a moment of insight when she would have readily believed Kelownans were telepathic, he responded to her thoughts.

"There's no reason why this should change anything back at the base. I think the parameters were set pretty clearly at the start."

She smiled as he leaned over, dropping his arm across her waist and moving his mouth close to her ear. "Of course, that doesn't mean that you can't ask to get some lunch anytime you'd like."

As she fell into a light doze, the smile on her face reflected her thoughts. 'Mmm, lunch... tasty.'


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